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What Is A Vintage Bridal Jewelry Set

When we talk of vintage wedding dresses, one of the most important things that we discuss first is the vintage bridal jewelry set. This set comprises of vintage pearls, vintage crystals, vintage diamonds and vintage crystals. This vintage jewelry can be worn on the day itself. A vintage pearl jewelry set or vintage crystal jewelry set looks very attractive on a vintage bride.

An Overview

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These vintage wedding sets are available in all the price ranges. You may choose any combination of the above mentioned items to design your own vintage bridal jewelry set. Brides choose vintage bridal jewelry according to the fashion trend of the season. For instance, vintage bridal jewelry sets designed with filigree designs look very popular right now.

Earrings are the most important accessories of a vintage dress. The style and shape of the vintage earrings must match the dress, the hairpieces and the shoes to create a perfect classic look. Vintage earrings are available in different varieties like hoops, teardrop, chandelier earrings, studs, etc. All these types of vintage bridal jewelry earrings are available in cheap and affordable prices from online wholesale jewelry stores.

Great Elegance

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As vintage bridal jewelry is known for its classic elegance, many vintage brides prefer to wear vintage earrings as well. They want to create an irresistible combination that will make heads turn. Therefore, they usually go for vintage pearl earrings, vintage crystal earrings or vintage bridal jewelry set studded with rare stones. These vintage bridal jewelry studs and drop earrings also come in a variety of colors. So there are plenty of options to choose from.

There is another trend that has been playing in the bridal market too. That is wearing vintage bridal jewelry together with vintage wedding dresses. A lot of fashion designers have come up with their own unique ideas about mixing vintage pieces with modern and traditional ones. These days, you can find classic jewelry pieces combined with vintage bridal jewelry too. You can go for pieces like vintage pearls, vintage crystals, vintage diamonds, vintage crystals, vintage beaded, vintage charms, vintage earrings or any other piece that looks great with your vintage bridal dress. It all depends on you and how much you are willing to spend.

Main Tips 

Another trend that has caught on is wearing vintage bridal jewelry on your hand as well. A lot of brides these days prefer to wear vintage bridal jewelry on their big day. Even if they choose to buy vintage bridal jewelry sets instead, they will most likely include vintage charms, beads and other vintage items for their attendants.

If you don’t like the idea of wearing vintage bridal jewelry along with your wedding dress, then don’t. Brides these days are more accustomed to wearing classic pieces. In fact, many of them may have even considered having a white pearl necklace with their vintage bridal jewelry to make it more contemporary.

The best thing about vintage bridal jewelry is that you can get a hold of some real vintage pieces without spending a fortune. Just make sure to check out an online vintage store. Be very careful about stores that offer fake vintage jewelry because those tend to be very expensive. Do a bit of research so that you can find the best price. Keep in mind that vintage jewelry does not have to be old. In fact, you can get some very beautiful pieces for a fraction of the original price.

Choose Wisely 

One thing to remember when choosing vintage bridal jewelry is that they do not all match. Some sets do come with different gems and other accents. Look closely at the pieces that you like and then make sure that they also have some other gems that coordinate with them. It is also a good idea to have a couple of earrings with your vintage bridal jewelry set to give your ears a complete look. There are a lot of vintage bridal jewelry pieces available if you keep your eyes open.

When you go through vintage stores, you may be able to find a great deal on a vintage bridal jewelry set. Make sure you ask questions and take a good look at each piece before you decide to purchase it. Sometimes you can find better deals by stopping into a flea market, where you can browse for items for an evening. Another option would be to look online, where you can often find great deals. Just keep in mind what type of jewelry you are looking for and what the price range is so that you can afford the piece.

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