Vintage Jewelry Box with a Mirror -

Vintage Jewelry Box with a Mirror

Vintage Jewelry Box

Jewelry is such a timeless treasure. Families even have jewels they inherit from generation to generation. These jewelry pieces are not just fancy gems you wear for a party, they are memoirs of a person, and they will accompany you for a lifetime. As such, it’s essential to take care of these treasures and store them in jewelry boxes. Storing your jewels in a jewelry box not only keeps it safe and organized, it also prolongs the value of your precious gems. One example is Vintage jewelry boxes with a mirror.

Vintage Jewelry boxes

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Treasure deserves the best treatments. A vintage wooden jewelry box is perfect for such. Vintage style is the opposite of its name; it never gets old. This style is elegant and classy, which is suitable for your precious gems. Here are things you should know about wooden jewelry boxes.

Style and types

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There are five types of wooden jewelry boxes, Wall-mounted, armories, traveling, specific jewelry box, and musical boxes. These boxes have their advantages. Traveling cases and specific jewelry boxes is useful if you want to bring them out or travel. If you’re gifting a box to a kid, musical box types are perfect. On the other hand, if you have extensive collections, either armories or wall-mounted boxes suit you.

Durability and materials

When buying Jewelry boxes, you need to purchase durable ones since they’re going to accompany you for a long time. In order to maintain the beauty of your jewelries, it’s best to invest in a long-lasting and high quality jewelry box to keep them safe. Durable ones are usually made of natural hardwoods, while composition wood lacks quality compared to hardwood, it is cheaper.


Portability is a factor you should consider least but don’t disregard it altogether. Some people love to travel; in cases like these, portability is a significant factor for them. We recommend buying traveling cases or jewelry boxes that are lightweight if portability is your primary concern. It’s also best to have one with you during your travels so you don’t misplace your treasures in your bag. It’s a good way to stay organized.

Size and number of drawers

This factor will depend on how much jewelry you have or will have in the future. If you have huge collections, buy a large one with multiple layers, but if you only have a few, a 3-layer box will be enough. It wouldn’t hurt to have extra space to welcome new jewelry to your collection.

Locking system

A lock is vital in storing your expensive jewels; some boxes have multiple locks that come in each layer, while some only have one general lock for the entire box. In the end, it’s up to you to secure your jewels. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Built-in mirrors

Boxes with built-in mirrors are better than with no mirrors. This case is especially true when you’re fond of traveling with your jewels. No mirror available in your room? No problem, you already have one with your jewelry box.

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