Vintage Jewelry Identifier Tips At Your Disposal -

Vintage Jewelry Identifier Tips At Your Disposal

vintage jewelry identifier

It is one of the best feelings to get across some unique treasures, especially those that have a vintage and traditional background to them. On today’s date, a lot of treasured jewelry and ornaments are a mix and match of different materials and not a pure form of the jewelry material. Moreover, there is an absence of royal and handmade designs as well. This is what raises the value of vintage jewelry to a new level. However, because of the aforementioned factor, it is even necessary to know some tips and tricks that act as a vintage jewelry identifier. Here are some of them.

Recognizing The Style Is A Key Vintage Jewelry Identifier 

This is one of the basic moves to identify any vintage jewelry. There is a unique style of building and design for any jewelry that associates it to a certain era. Identify the style and you will get the era. Here are some of the common eras in which jewelry was often seen.

  • Georgian era: This is the oldest era in which the surviving jewelry is found among families and artisans. It consists of some great and elaborated designs that are featured with precious gemstones along with yellow gold.
  • Victorian era: This era has been named after the queen and the designs used to be animal-inspired for the rings which further started to include black colors and onyxes.
  • Edwardian era: with floral as well as lacy settings.
  • Art Nouveau: with designs inspired by nature and smooth curves.

Methods Of Manufacturing

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Another key vintage jewelry identifier is the method of manufacturing. Now, this is something that requires a serious level of scanning to be done. Under this, the prominent joints and the sidings, bindings provide information about how vintage particular jewelry is. This is because these parts determine the procedure and the mechanism that has existed during a particular era and gives information about it.

Locating Prominent Materials Can Also Help As Vintage Jewelry Identifier

Fashion is something that has existed since the times of civilizations and ornaments were some main forerunners of it. Every era had some popular stones and materials that were used for decoration as well as prime jewel elements. This is where a little help from history is needed to be taken to know which jewel existed in trend and back when. The usual elements were Camphor glass, paste, fall opals, etc.

Stamps On Jewelry

The concept of stamping the jewelry with hallmarks has been long. It was the mark for the identification of the maker or the originality of the substance. This is again one of the best givers of time as a vintage jewelry identifier. These marks can be country, maker, kingdom, material, or purity-related.


Having vintage jewelry at home is a mark of pride and honor. Even if they are bought from the market, their value doesn’t seem to lower down as some royal heirloom. However, being aware of certain tips and tricks for identifying real ones from the fake can help in getting an original deal.

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